In fact, one machine alone covers, with such a range of gauges, the whole field of machines gauges employed in knitwear manufacturing.The working principle is very simple: loops are formed between two opposite warps, through an appropriate succession of oscillatory and lateral motions of the knitting elements called “guide tubes “, which consist of curved, hollow steel hooks sifting in a row on two opposite, parallel bars.

Through each hook runs one warp thread, and the hooks go by pairs, each one on the front bar corresponding to one on the rear bar.Their combined movement forms the loop, alternatively in ranges on the front and on the rear bar. In between one range and the next, a weft thread can be inserted.

The machine gauge is determined by the space between two adjacent hooks on the same bar, expressed as millimeters-distance between the centers of the two hooks. Available are standard gauges of 3 mm (finest), 5, 7, 10 and 14 mm (coarsest) and in addition of these bars special  intermediate gauges can be supplied, all of them interchangeable on the same machine.

Gauge Caperdoni Waltex
Actual No. of needles/inc
Maximum yarn count (Mn)

For the manufacture of heavier, inelastic fabrics, weft can be inserted in a choice of up to 9 colors or yarn counts.

For weft, one normally uses good fancy yarns, with count well above those used in warp, as they appear in high evidence in the fabric. However, it is also possible to omit weft insertion automatically at intervals, according of the pattern requirements.

Owing to their features of reasonable cost, absence of breakable parts like needles and jacks, the unmatched make of run proof fabrics with special and original effects and the machine‘s enormous productive potentiality, the Caperdoni-Waltex looms have made their entry into the knitting field, to the full satisfaction of all their users, in every country where knitwear manufacture means production of class and taste with inventive genius.

Indicatively, the following types of fabrics can be obtained:

  • Weft-warp effects (checks, tartans, etc)

  • Predominant weft effects (generally by using neutral colors in warp and precious fancy yarn in weft)

  • Predominant warp effects (working without weft, or with weft insertions at intervals)

Production data

At full width, i.e. cm 200, the machine may run at 64 strokes per minute, corresponding to 32 weft insertions. At a reduced width, the number of strokes may proportionally be increased up to 80, obtaining a higher production, expressed in linear measures.

Indicatively, the average production rate, at full width, per hour is as follows:

Gauge (inter-hook space in mm)
Output (m/h)

When working at full width (cm 200), fabric width range from 185 cm to 150 cm, according of the gauge, yarn count, yarn quality, etc.

Preparing of beams (Warping):

The Caperdoni-Waltex m/c requires a warping machine which winds warp at constant speed, and a warp creel which can hold a quantity of cones determined by the machine gauge being used. This equipment has been planned so that it can perform all the essential functions in a simple, easy and safe way.

Only one warping machine is needed to supply 5 Caperdoni - Waltex machines for warp preparation. The general practice is to prepare warp on reserve beams while the machine is running, in order to accelerate the production.

Particularly outstanding is the possibility to work any type of structure pattern, with racking even up to 6 positions in gauges 3 and 5 or up of 30 mm in all the other gauges. Also the 6 color weft selection works by an electronically controlled system and is programmed by the machines keyboard or through a personal computer.

A further important innovation is the possibility of fit this machine with guide tubes of special types. The hooks on the front bar differing in diameter from the hooks on the rear bar. This allows the use of fancy yarns also in the warp, resulting in a completely new look in the structure of fabrics as weft effects are integrated and completed by striking relief effects through warp.

Available is our latest generation pc based software. This software allows all production and design work to be developed and saved on the pc. Transferring the program to the machine is done via floppy disk.Furthermore, we have developed an additional software package to assist in calculating fabric price, yarn consumption per linear meter of fabric, fabric composition and much more.
Caperdoni Waltex knitting machine for reverse warp fabric type TWFHS. A semi-automatic knitting machine with electronic microprocessor control for reverse warp fabric with or without weft insertion.

Specifications :

a) Electronic system controlling the racking bar motions by motor drive, performing any type of fabric structure in whichever sequence up of 85 mm of racking. Possibility to perform racking of two or more positions at a time.

b) Electronically controlled unit for weft selection up of 6 colors.

c) The latest generation design and production software.

d) Weft insertion may also automatically be omitted or alternatively put into the fabric in whichever sequence is desired.

e) Incorporated automatic fabric winding up device.

f) Control panel with keyboard and display inserted in a free-standing cabinet including electric and electronic components.

g) Weft yarn creel provided with yarn tension control to reduce tension on the working yarn.

h) Electronic amplifier for warp weft stop motion

i) Inferred rays safety device.

l) Attachment for visual checking of the amount of warp yarns.

m) Time counter and course counter for a better checking of output data.

n) The same machine may use each of the five available standard Waltex gauges, i.e. 3, 5, 7, 10, 14

o) 2 running speed with automatic selection. Each speed can independently be adjusted. The machine may automatically select the low speed when an irregular or weak weft yarn has to be inserted, than resume the normal working speed.

p) Max. speed, when operating in full width (200 cm) is 64 strokes p.m., 80 strokes at a reduced width.

q) Electric power required: 5 Kw, 380/220 V -50 Hz, three-phase. Different voltages require the use of an appropriate input transformer.

r) The machine is normally supplied with 7 gauge bars, 12 beams

s) Dimensions:  cm. 400 x 130 x 180

t) Weight Kg. 1000 approx.

Textile examples :
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